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  • Hawaiian Memorial Staff, We want you all to know how much you are all appreciated. Your thoughtfulness will be forever remembered. Mahalo,
    The Mashino Families
  • My family and I have recently experienced the most emotional time of our lives from the passing of our Mom, Harriet Lee. It was also the very first time my family had to deal with funeral services/ burial plans from start to finish. We absolutely cannot Thank You enough for having such an exceptional caring staff. Everyone I personally met exceeded my expectations. Takes a special kind of person to deliver the services you provide. A special shout out to Mary Voeller, our funeral director. She treated us like family! She was so sincere, very very sympathetic and embraced us with so much professionalism. Till today, we are still so grateful that she does what she does... care . And she does this everyday! Our profound appreciation to Mary and your staff. Mary Voeller, we love you!! Mahalo,
    The family of Harriet Lee
  • Aloha: I wanted to express my heartfelt mahalos to our team and share about the service for my Uncle, Eldean Kukahiko, who was more like a dad to me. We received about 3000 guest that evening. On Sunday we continued the celebrations with a flower drop from a helicopter over the waters where he was found. As a hanai daughter this was my first personal experience and my 'ohana was very blessed! They were so happy with how he looked and the willingness to touch up when needed thank you Bobby. We are forever grateful for Gilbert coming in on Saturday for the cremation allowing different churches and organizations in the community to honor him that Sunday. Stacy, mahalo for being available for our every question giving us comfort throughout this time. "Deenie was a blessing from start to finish. She was heaven sent" was repeated over and over by my family. I was complimented many times on how smooth the service was and that everything was under control. I owe that to my awesome team that night Teri and Sharice. They helped me by being a watchful eye, anticipating any needs of my family, while keeping close communication between us at all times. I was able to provide my best for my family as Teri and Sharice did the same for me! I apologize that I am unable to list the numerous things that went on in the background making this service a success, but please know I am grateful. I also know that this is not a special occurrence and that we strives to provides excellence at all times! I am honored and blessed to be a part of company who puts "Families First" and I experienced it first hand. ʻO wau nō me ka hoʻomaikaʻi, (I am very gratefully yours)
    Lokelani Correa
  • Thank you. The Funeral Director was amazing and heartwarming during F. F.'s Service. Loke was "the talk" amongst the F family and everyone enjoyed her. Sincerely, M.M
  • Hello Bill, Thank you very much for all your good work to make the F.W funeral a success. As good Rotarians, we certainly tried "to make it beneficial to all concerned." Things turned out well. The Punchbowl ceremony was fine. I will get your check in the mail. Thank you. R
  • Sharmaine, I wanted to take this opportunity to express my deepest appreciation for Lisa's support during my father’s burial services. Lisa did a tremendous job helping us arrange the services throughout the entire process including my father’s military ceremony. Without Lisa’s support, we wouldn’t know where to start this entire process. She is a tremendous asset to your team and knows how to handle the most sensitive condition that exist. I am humbled by her support and on behalf of the O. O we appreciate everything she has done for us these past few weeks. Lisa, May God Bless You always. Thank You, P.O
  • Hello Sharmaine: I want to thank you for all your assistance when my husband passed away and for everything you did to make the arrangements for his burial. The coffin was lovely and he would have approved! The military honor guard and presentation of the flag was wonderful. The cemetary is a beautiful place. God bless you and your family. You are indeed a lovely lady. When I make arrangements for my funeral, which will entail shipping my body to my family's plot back in Massachusetts, I will definitely call on you to make the arrangements. Sincerely, Y. S. B
  • Dearest Lani, We just wanted to express out deepest appreciation for your help......especially getting dad to the church earlier. It was an emotional day for my mom and our family. We were touched by how many people came to pay their last respects. You being there showing comfort to us especially to my mom really meant a lot. Thanks Again! Love, The D Family
    The D Family
  • Hi Sharmaine, Thank you very much for the follow up with A's memorial service. I am happy to say that it was a beautiful celebration of life B was very helpful and everything was nicely done Really appreciate your assistance in helping us with the planning process. Also thank you for Teal's contact number, I will call her for an appointment to work on more future planning. Mahalo! Blessings, K
  • Stacy, I did not meet you but just wanted to thank you for taking care of YVonne's grandmother. I know this must feel weird getting a thank you card for what you do. Then I Thanked Bobbie that day at her private viewing she mentioned your name. So I know it was team work than made it all happen. My mom's services were in Hilo Last week. Through the hard and good work that you and bobbie do she looked just as great as she did at the viewing here. May God Bless you and the work that you do. Love, D & Y.I & The Family of the late A.M
    D & Y.I